March 01,  2021 -Press Release
MARCIN VIIVIIVII releases a brand new music video: “GLASS”

This has been a hectic and strange time for artists around the world, but even in the scarcity of live performances, there is always a special place for talented creators. This is most definitely the case of MARCIN VIIVIIVII, who recently came out with a fantastic new music release titled “Glass”. This single also has a matching video releasing the same day.

With a strong focus on creating the right mood and enhancing the quality of the production, “Glass”  feels like a perfect representation of MARCIN VIIVIIVII’s talent. This fantastic release might remind you of genres as diverse as trap, hip-hop and even punk! The mellow fast rapping, dropping into the dramatic yelling, creates something quite special, making MARCIN VIIVIIVII’s sound utterly unique and a one-of-a-kind experience. MARCIN VIIVIIVII’s music and videos are produced, recorded, mixed, mastered, edited and directed, all by him.

The song , “Glass” is about MARCIN VIIVIIVII not fitting in with his home town and having to learn how to do most things on his own without any help from major labels or even locals. The song also expresses MARCIN VIIVIIVII’s distaste for buying verses from industry rappers in order to gain exposure, as with a limited budget and will power MARCIN VIIVIIVII has slowly built his skills to a professional level in several areas of music and video.

Visit the links listed below to find out more about MARCIN VIIVIIVII, and view/listen to “Glass”, which is available on You Tube and on all streaming platforms world wide March l, 2021.

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