Mythodical Kirra

Kirra, The Archangel of Hip Hop. 
 “I Love You”

Mythodical Kirra-Local Boogieman
Short Bio:
Christian Rendle Orvin, born on February, 7th, 1992 in St. George Utah, is an American Rapper from McMinnville, Oregon, signed to FVMZ Record Label since its establishment.
He started making hip hop music with a fellow band mate in his home after the split of the punk band The Lukimiacs which Mythodical was the lead vocalist and songwriter.
He is known for adding punk rock and metal influences to his music which he expresses in his recent singles “Scarekrow” and “Buried Alive” and having very deep emotional metaphors and similes in every line.
Mythodical has released three mixtapes: “The Blair Criss Project” 2019,  “The Short Stories of a Sociopath” 2017 and “Devil on my Shoulder” 2015.
All the mixtapes are through FVMZ.

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