28 Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

How Long Will a Reply Take? Varies, Usually Within 24 Hours. 

How Long Does a Song Master Take?
Usually Within 48 Hours.

How Do I Pay For Recording, Videos, Etc? Fill Out Work Form. Than You Will Receive a Choice of Pay Pal or In Cash Upon Meeting Marcin.

How Can I Support Fvck Muzic Without Money? Liking & Sharing Our Content Daily! Help Spread Our Name World Wide!

How Old Do I Have To Be To Record or Preform? at least 16.

Will You Do Deals For Bigger Projects? Like Albums? YES!

Are Feature Verses & Hooks Free? No.

Can The Studio Be Rented For Private Use? No.

Is Promotion a Necessity For Artists? YES! 

Where Did Fvck Muzic Start? Portland, Oregon.

When Was Fvck Muzic Created? 
January, 2012.

What Does “FVMZ” Stand For? 
Abbreviation For
 Fvck Muzic.

Why “Fvck Muzic”?
 It stands for fuck the music industry.
(Not fuck the art of music.)  also a slogan for “anti mainstream”.

What Does “Killuminati” Mean?
 Invented by Tupac Shakur
His Last Album, also used as a anti illuminati slogan.  

Who Is “Yeshua”? 
 Jesus Christ name In hebrew.

First Influential Artists? Eminem & Immortal Technique.

Political Views of FVMZ? Independent.

Pro or Anti? The New World Order? Against.

Pro or Anti? The Bible? Supporter.

Pro or Anti? Mumble Rap? Against.

Pro or Anti? Marijuana Use? Supporter.

Where Was Marcin Raised? Hillsboro, Oregon.

Where Was Marcin Born?
 Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Whats Marcin’s First Name? Brandon.

Who Is Baby Mary J? Marcin’s Younger Sister, Vivian Marcin.

Who Is The Guy With Long Fluffy Hair? Marcin’s Younger Brother, Dylan Marcin

Are Marcin & Mythodical Related? No, but they have the same birthday, February 7th

Who Is Kirra? Another Name for Mythodical.