“Fvck Muzic” is a international music based movement.
that is going against music normality’s and other industry practices.
We believe in giving more power to the artists and less to the labels.
The Term was derived¬†as a way of saying “fvck selling out to the music industry”
lightly inspired by 2 Pac’s “Killuminati” as a slogan for him and other like minded
artists to use as a way of saying they want to stay as independent as possible without
mainstream media influencing their art.

Created Marcin VIIVIIVII in his apartment on the West Side of Portland, Oregon.
on January 01,2012.

“Fvck Muzic Records” or “FVMZ”
an American Independent Music Record Label, registered in the State of Oregon.
MARCIN VIIVIIVII is the creator & owner.

1 artist is currently signed to this label
Rapper & Pop Singer,  Andrew$.

Associated acts include, Trap & Drill Rapper Whitey
And Emo / Punk Rapper Mythodical Kirra

All vocal recording, mixing, mastering, video editing, video directing, and most beat production,
is done by MARCIN VIIVIIVII. Every visual is filmed in house.

We are currently working on upgrading all future content.
We have invested over $10,000 in the past year in equipment to better develop our unique sounds

Please check out our latest releases on the Artists Pages.
All our music is distributed to all platforms world wide.
We all love our Fans and encourage you to support our movement
by listening to and sharing our music, buying our merchandise,
event tickets, or services located on this site’s pages.