“Fvck Muzic Records” or “FVMZ”
Is an Independent Record Label
Consisting of 4 Underground Artist’s
Marcin viiviivii, Whitey NW, BoiiAiris & Aelem


Created & Founded In Portland, Oregon
Currently Located in Los Angeles, California.
Known by fan’s World-Wide


All vocal recording, mixing, mastering, video editing, video directing,
beat production, video filming, editing & directing is done IN HOUSE.


We created a movement without any major corporations
We believe in the American Small businesses
everything we put out is made and created by real artists.

our goal is to the artist and more access to the tools needed to succeed
We believe the current landscape of music industry needs to change!
all the artists in our movement have full control over there creative direction

for years major labels have taken advantage of musicians
and we want it to stop and create a way for more artists world wide
to join the “fvmz” movement and fight for better artist pay in several areas.


We plan on dropping tons of new content coming 2022
*New bi-weekly Vlog Series
*New Music & Music Videos
*New Merchandise

also will are currently offering services for recording music
and music videos in the Los Angeles Area.