Brandon Robert Marcin was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin
on February, 7th, 1994.

Brandon moved frequently throughout his whole childhood.
He lived in the Midwest, primarily Iowa, until age 11, when
his mother and father made the choice to move to Portland, OR.
because of multiple failed family businesses and legal issues.

As a child Marcin was energetic and enthusiastic
but also had behavior issues.
He was found to have severe A.D.H.D.,
which wasn’t diagnosed with until later in life,
and he also struggled with his parents alcohol abuse.
Screaming, loud, violent fights were a regular a occasion between his parents,
often ending with police coming nightly and later evictions.

Marcin struggled with “fitting in” during his childhood due to the fact
he was home schooled until age 10.
He wasn’t even able to read until almost the 6th grade and didn’t start in Public School until the 5th grade.
In school he didn’t make many friends because of his free unique thinking and vulgar uprising. it was at the end of his 6th grade year, when he heard Eminem for the first time (surprise) and became literally obsessed with Rap Music.

In school he even embarrassingly Rap Battled a fellow student in class and was mocked for it  because of his like for Eminem, and also for his trying to be a white rapper, he was made fun of by friends and even his own family to the point of him hiding the fact.

He wrote raps for almost 8 years, only showing a couple of close people until at the age of 18, when he finally overcame the mockery and posted his first video of him rapping on Facebook.

One year later, in 2012, Marcin Created Fvck Muzic Records because he realized he wasn’t willing to settle for a record deal.
He has since grown to have a large following of his music both online and offline.

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